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Allow us to Introduce Ourselves

Welcome to USA Magic Tricks, based in New Mexico. With a rich history spanning nearly 25 years, the family-owned business, now led by Anna & Chris Biad, continues to serve customers worldwide. Inspired by their son Simon's lifelong passion for magic, the Biad family runs the magic shop from their family farm, utilizing their 8000 sq. ft. blue barn to house all things magic. From children's magic to professional entertainer quality items, the Biads enjoy offering quality products and great service.

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Best prices anywhere and shipping that could hardly be faster. I receive most orders within 48 hours. They're just the best.

Chris Cary

Today I received a call asking if I had made my purchase. I bought under $20 of items but was sending them to my daughter in another state. I have never had a shop care so much about credit card fraud. Thank you for caring about your customers so much!! I will, and I have already recommended this Magic Shop!!

Michelle Wilson

Very affordable. Fast shipping. Great selection of magic wares

Sid Maley

Great products and very prompt shipping!!!

Jason Olson

Very good prices, very fast delivery, and helpful when I had a question with one of the props I ordered. Would much rather order from someone local than one of the big online shops. Thanks!

Abby Wade Golden

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