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Almighty Magic Gospel Card Montes Two Tr

Quantity: 146

King of the Jews and The Exchange Two clever montes with a spiritual message! King of the Jews is a…

Almighty Magic Testament by Trickmaster

Quantity: 300

A volunteer is asked to freely select the title of any book in the Bible’s New Testament. While standing as…

Amazing Choices by Trickmaster

Quantity: 146

Three cards are removed from a small envelope. Each card symbolizes biblical choices. The spectator is asked to make a…

Animated Cardtoon Deck by Trickmaster

Quantity: 144

Any card is named by the spectator. The cards are riffled and magically the back design becomes animated. An angel…

Animated Matchbox by Trickmaster

Quantity: 142

A matchbox is displayed on both sides to be the same and appears to be ordinary. Suddenly, the box magically…

Appearing Candle with Silk Scarf by Tric

Quantity: 146

A candle magically appears at your fingertips! Or, a small silk visibly changes into a candle! You can even make…

Appearing Cane Plastic by Trickmaster

Quantity: 144

A full size evening cane magically appears at your fingertips! Or, a colorful ribbon visibly changes into a full size evening…

Appearing Cane Steel Silver by Trickmast

Quantity: 146

A steel cane magically appears at your fingertips. Or change a silk to a cane. Silver stainless steel cane needs…

Appearing Card Box by Trickmaster

Quantity: 146

A beautiful black acrylic box is shown empty . A card is selected by a spectator, signed and returned to…

Ball Thru Hand Brass by Trickmaster

Quantity: 145

The performer displays a solid brass plunger and a solid steel ball. The ball is dropped into brass cup, which…

Ball Vase Chrome by Trickmaster

Quantity: 146

Show a ball resting in the vase. Cover it and push on the top- it magically drops out the bottom!…

Ball Vase Large Blue by Trickmaster

Quantity: 146

Ball and Vase The ball magically appears and disappears in the magic vase. A classic of magic.…

Big Time Root Beer Multiplying Root Beer

Quantity: 145

A multiplying bottle routine for family and kid shows! BIG TIME ROOT BEER BOTTLES are superior and more entertaining than the…

Blank Magic Card Deck with Book Kit by T

Quantity: 145

A blank deck of cards magically becomes printed, then the faces and backs turn blank once again! Many effects possible.…

Bone Cracker by Trickmaster

Quantity: 145

Expand the bone cracker and hide it in your hand. Crush it and it creates a gross and realistic cracking…

Brass Disc Escape by Trickmaster

Quantity: 146

The performer shows five solid brass disc of five different colors. The discs are turned over and mixed. A spectator…

Brass Ring Casket by Trickmaster

Quantity: 146

A ring, coin or other small object is borrowed and placed into the folds of a handkerchief. The Ring Casket…

Breakaway Wand by Trickmaster

Quantity: 141

Give this magic wand to a spectator where it instantly collapses in their hands. A hilarious gag. May also be…

Card Castle Junior Size by Trickmaster

Quantity: 146

Cards are cascaded onto the magician’s table. The cards are then covered with a cloth. The cloth is lifted revealing…

Card Castle with Rising Card by Trickmas

Quantity: 146

This is a very effective climax for a production of cards, or a card effect like “Six Card Repeat”. In…

Card Guard Devil Design by Trickmaster

Quantity: 146

Card Guards Keep Your Cards Protected! The Card Guard is a metal carrying case designed to protect your poker cards…

Card on Ceiling by Trickmaster

Quantity: 145

A spectator selects a card. The card is replaced into the deck, and the deck is wrapped with a rubber…

Change Bag with Book Kit by Trickmaster

Quantity: 146

Make objects appear, disappear, and more. Change one object into another. Many routines are possible with this beautiful velvet change…

Chop Cup Pro Aluminum Large Mouth by Tri

Quantity: 146

Professional Chop Cup A metal cup and small crocheted ball is shown to the audience. The ball is placed in…

Cigarette Vanisher by Trickmaster

Quantity: 144

Vanish cigarettes and small pens right in front of everyone with this secret pulling device!…

Circus Wagon by Trickmaster

Quantity: 146

An empty circus wagon cage is displayed. A large balloon is placed in the box in clear view. The magician…

Clear Hot Rod with Book Kit by Trickmast

Quantity: 146

The magician shows a small rod with different colored spots on each side. The spectator selects a color and magically…

Clever Coin Trick / Coin Con by Trickmas

Quantity: 144

A borrowed quarter is placed on the small pedestal. The pedestal is now covered. When the cover is lifted, the…

Coin in a Bottle Kit Pro Cut by Trickmas

Quantity: 146

The Coin in a Bottle effects are some of the strongest you can do with this amazing gimmick. Using a…

Coin Squeeze Brass by Trickmaster

Quantity: 145

High quality brass magic! Two metal rings and a solid metal block are displayed. The block is placed in between…

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