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Phantom Block by Trickmaster

Quantity: 120

Wave the block over the penny and it magically becomes a dime! Repeat it a second time and the penny…

Phantom Card by Trickmaster

Quantity: 146

Unexplained mysteries will occur in the presence of the Phantom Card! Make a penny mutate into a dime. Diminish it…

Phantom Marked Deck Trick by Trickmaster

Quantity: 146

LEARN INCREDIBLE CARD MAGIC IN NO TIME Gamblers and card cheats have been using marking systems for many years…

Rainbow Wonder Worm by Trickmaster

Quantity: 141

New rainbow colored wonder worm! This classic colorful worm crawls through your fingers, over the table, out of a clear…

Rattling Wands by Trickmaster

Quantity: 146

Show 3 mini wands, one of them rattles. But which one? Always fools the spectator!…

Razzle Dazzle by Trickmaster

Quantity: 143

The Magician shows a box of colored beads, which he dumps into his hand. Then, from a magic wand made…

Rising Card Deck with Book Kit by Trickm

Quantity: 145

Executive Rising Cards are precision made here in the USA with Bicycle brand playing cards. Smooth working mechanism, the finest…

Rising Wand Deluxe by Trickmaster

Quantity: 145

Black wand with chrome tips rises in your hand. Make it leap from your hand! Includes instructions for 6 tricks.…

Ropes of Equality by Trickmaster

Quantity: 146

Three different sized ropes are displayed to the audience. The performer talks about the differences between people. People are unique…

Ropes of the Trinity Deluxe Woven Ropes

Quantity: 145

This effect teaches the doctrine of The Trinity, that God is three persons and…

Scotch and Soda with Book by Trickmaster

Quantity: 145

The magician places an American Half Dollar and a Mexican centavo coin in the spectator’s hands. The magician bets the…

Silk thru Mirror Deluxe by Trickmaster

Quantity: 42

A solid mirror with a gold trimmed frame and metallic black slats is shown to be solid, each pane is…

Silk to Egg by Trickmaster

Quantity: 146

A small hanky magically vanishes in your palm and turns into an egg. The spectator thinks he knows how it…

Six Bill Repeat with Growing Bill by Tri

Quantity: 143

The magician removes a stack of bills from his wallet and counts them one at a time showing he has…

Sliced Rope by Trickmaster

Quantity: 143

Rope can be cut and restored anywhere along it’s length in the blink of an eye!…

Sneaky Snake Wand by Trickmaster

Quantity: 141

The Sneaky Snake Wand is a great comedy gag that will keep your audience of kids in stitches. The magician…

Sponge Balls Red 1 1/4 inch by Trickmast

Quantity: 800

Balls vanish, appear, and multiply in the spectator’s hands! Includes instructions for a beginner routine – easy enough for kids! …

Sponge Rabbits Kit with Book by Trickmas

Quantity: 144

Imagine this: The magician places a red sponge rabbit in his own hand, then places another in the spectator’s hand.…

Square Circle by Trickmaster

Quantity: 144

The performer has a round tube sitting inside a square tube on top of a small base. The outer square…

Sucker Coin Box with Mesh Coin Bag by Tr

Quantity: 146

A small acrylic double door box is shown to be empty. A small mesh bag is shown to contain a…

Svengali Deck with Book kit Bicycle Poke

Quantity: 144

The worlds most popular trick deck! Riffle the cards and they become all the same, then all different again. Many…

Sword thru Neck by Trickmaster

Quantity: 32

The magician displays a wooden frame which has a big round hole through the center of it. A dazzling steel…

The Thought that Counts by Trickmaster

Quantity: 146

In this mind reading demonstration, you ask a friend to think of a common object from any church using a…

Three Card Monte Professional by Trickma

Quantity: 146

The Three Card Monte also known as Find the Lady, is a classic con game in which the victim, is…

Torch to Cane by Trickmaster

Quantity: 146

Torch to Cane is a great accessory for a metal appearing cane. If you do not have a metal appearing…

Triumph/Cheek to Cheek Deck by Trickmast

Quantity: 145

A deck of cards is shown to have been ‘mis-shuffled’, some of the cards are face up and some of…

Two Gospel Card Routines by Trickmaster

Quantity: 146

The Time Has Come & The Right Choice Two clever routines with a spiritual message! Using the included specially printed…

Ultimate Bill Tube with Vanishing Hanky

Quantity: 144

The magician borrows a bill from a spectator and has it marked. The bill is then rolled into a tube…

Ultimate Marked Deck by Trickmaster

Quantity: 144

RED DECKS ONLY! Yes, the Ultimate is the marked deck you have been dreaming of! This is the marked deck you…

Ultimate Penny to Dime Coin Trick by Tri

Quantity: 299

A penny changes to a dime with a tap of a pen. This is repeated but the penny shrinks. Comes…

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