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Large animated Halloween props make excellent decorations. Decorate your yard in stye with our eerie collection. FREE SHIPPING with qualifying orders! 10% back with every order! Shop at USA Magic Tricks and save!


68" Animated Light Up Butler Decoration

Quantity: 146

Prop. Spooky is a great addition to your haunted scene, or as a greeter when guests enter your haunted gathering!…

Animated Caged Clown Walk Around

Quantity: 144

Here’s a fun new animated costume accessory that will be the hit of your next party! This Caged Walk-Around contains…

Animated Giant Rat Trap Prop by Distorti

Quantity: 11

Monstrous, mutant, Rat flops and twists in the giant trap as it squeals. Over 4 feet long! Not for the…

Animated Hanging Witch Halloween Decorat

Quantity: 145

Trifle with this witch and you may find yourself transformed into a toad... or worse! At a solid 6 ft.…

Animated Laughing Man Prop by Distortion

Quantity: 1

Life-sized animated prop depicts a creepy man who shakes with crazy laughter! Just the right prop to accent your haunted…

Animated Scorched Scarecrow with Fog Mac

Quantity: 142

Featuring a light-up jack-o'-lantern head and animated chest, this scary Halloween decoration utters bone-chilling phrases and can be activated by…

Animated Sitting Witch Halloween Prop

Quantity: 145

Sitting Scare Witch Prop. A sinister old hag and she's ready to cast her spell on you! Witch's head snaps…

Animated Towering Wailing Soul Halloween

Quantity: 15

Simply assemble this weird, wailing Halloween decoration for twisting, turning, shrieking terror. His face lights up as his torso and…

Animated Twitching Clown Halloween Decor

Quantity: 146

A creepy clown decoration ideal for Halloween parties and haunted houses. His jaw opens and closes as he cackles and…

Animated Witch with Cane

Quantity: 39

Get ready to hear, ";Hey! Did that witch just move?!" This creepy Halloween decoration looks like an aged witch crouched…

Animated Witch with Cat and Cauldron Hal

Quantity: 146

A withered witch ideal for haunted house and home Halloween décor. She utters two unearthly sayings and uses steady-on, infrared…

Bones Prop Animated by Distortions

Quantity: 3

Meet bones, a starving corpse that rises from the grave screaming in agony! Its’ high-quality durable construction is designed for…

Buzz Animated Electric Chair Prisoner Pr

Quantity: 28

Buzz is an animated foam-filled latex prop hand-crafted in the USA. Its’ high-quality durable construction is designed for use in…

Cat Tastrophe Animated without Fog

Quantity: 3

Don't go walking into the woods alone, or you may have a Cauldron CAT-tastrophe on your hands! This sinister sorceress…

Cauldron Creeper Animated

Quantity: 9

The Cauldron Creeper! Wearing a tattered costume with long shredded-gauze accents, this disgusting 72" tall animated Cauldron Creeper loves stirring…

Chainsaw Greeter Animated Prop

Quantity: 145

45" . If you want to ensure you don ft.t give out a lot of candy this Halloween, this scary…

Crawling Ghoul 18"

Quantity: 86

Scare the yell out of your victims with this new crawling ghoul in chains which would be perfect for any…

Creepy Girl Kicking Animated

Quantity: 33

Scary dolly is having a temper tantrum with arms and legs kicking and lots of crying! Dolly sits up crying…

Dandy Andy by Distortions Unlimited

Quantity: 2

Dandy Andy is a scary haunted doll Frightronic prop. All electric prop rocks back and forth and comes with an…

Deadly Doll by Distortions Unlimited

Quantity: 2

Creepy toddler-sized doll rocks slowly back and forth. All electric and constructed of latex and foam with a metal armature…

Digiteye Soothsayer Witch Animated Prop

Quantity: 187

Your future unravels in the hands of a decrepit old 68-inch Digiteye Soothsayer Witch Animated Prop with dark inclinations. She…

Dummy With Posable Hands And Arms

Quantity: 300

Bring your Halloween decorating ideas to life with the perfect Halloween prop for your haunted house! Easy to set up,…

Forgotten Doll With Sound

Quantity: 24

Great addition to your haunted scene! Mournful Forgotten Doll is a small babydoll that has light-up eyes in a cracked…

Gaseous Zombie Animated Fog Machine

Quantity: 71

Bring your Halloween decorating ideas to life with the perfect Halloween prop for your haunted house! Easy to set up,…

Ghostly Go Rounds 3 Dolls

Quantity: 0

What is more chilling than three forgotten dolls from yesteryear slowly riding a merry-go-round for an eternity? This eerie prop…

Graveyard Ghoul Animatronic Zombie by Di

Quantity: 2

Graveyard Ghoul is an all electric, Frightronic animated zombie prop that eerily raises up and down. Amazingly detailed and realistic…

Hanging Animated Reaper Halloween Decora

Quantity: 146

"Your soul is mine…..ha ha ha ha" booms the great Reaper. Truly terrifying 6-foot hanging reaper has motion-activated sound box…

Hanging Rotating Ghost Halloween Decorat

Quantity: 29

A classic piece of Halloween décor, this ghost decoration features lights and sounds that up the creep factor! Hang it…

Hanging Skull Man Animated

Quantity: 35

This spooky Hanging Animated Skeleton Man in a Suit is the perfect addition to your next haunted house party! Watch…

Haunting Ghost Trio Animated

Quantity: 10

Now you can have a whole gaggle of ghosts at your door or on your porch with The Haunting Ghost…

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