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Birthday shows is serious business. Kids love magic. Get the best in kid show magic at USA Magic Tricks.

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BURNT DONUTS (Gimmicks and Online Instru

Quantity: 2

IT\'S VERY VISUAL AND FUN, IT\'S LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO PERFORM It\'s a new adaptation to the classic game of…

Cakes and Adders (DVD and Gimmicks Poker

Quantity: 10

A Professional 5 minute routine that will both entertain and astound your family audience.Every child loves a Snake…

Candy Factory by Mr. Magic Trick

Quantity: 27

The Performer shows a beautiful, empty cylinder and a glass full of colored sugar or Liquid. The Performer then passes…

Card Duck trick Vincenzo di Fatta

Quantity: 10

Ask someone from the audience to choose a card, put it back in the deck and shuffle it. Then…

Card Fan to Top Hat by Mr. Magic Trick

Quantity: 24

The performer produces and displays a large fan of cards. He tosses the fan of cards into the air and…

Card Fountain Plus by Taiwan Ben Trick

Quantity: 9

Cards flying in the air is one of the most classic images in magic. A strong remote signal and strong…

CHAINED by Perry Maynard Trick

Quantity: 17

All we can say is WOW...Perry Maynard has done it again with his new close-up miracle CHAINED...Everyone who has seen…

Chameleon Silks Tube +3 9 inch silks by

Quantity: 49

That`s Easy to Do! The magician displays a bright green silk handkerchief, stuffs it into his closed fist and when…

Chick Sound Set by Tejinaya Magic Trick

Quantity: 10

Show three big cards, all of which have a picture of a bird\'s nest. If you put a magic spell…

Chicken and Egg by Tejinaya Magic Trick

Quantity: 11

This one is fun to perform and audiences love it! Show the audience a large piece of paper with a…

Childrens Showtime by Michael Elliot Boo

Quantity: 20

Children\'s Showtime is a very hard-to-find book. It contains kids\' show magician Michael Elliott\'s best work. It is a mix…

Chop Cup (Natural) by Mr. Magic Trick

Quantity: 98

Here\'s a beautiful Chop Cup made out of wood, yet it still has that important magical ingredient that\'s present in…

Chris Capeharts The Rings by Kozmomagic

Quantity: 10

Chris Capehart has been dubbed \"The Ring Master\" for good reasons. Chris\'s three-ring routine, which he perfected in 1981, has…

Christmas Exchange (Close Up) by Luis Za

Quantity: 14

From the mind of this two Peruvian magicians comes this magic routine that will become one of your favorites for…

Christmas Exchange (Parlor) by Luis Zava

Quantity: 26

From the mind of this two Peruvian magicians comes this magic routine that will become one of your favorites for…


Quantity: 17

Inspired by the incredible COLOR CHANGING RABBIT, there are many versions in the magic market, but the version that Marcos…

CINE POP! by Marcos Cruz Trick

Quantity: 3

From the red carpet, now Marcos Cruz presents his new CINE POP! effect! Visual and magical! Add this to your…

CINEMAGIC FLASH (Gimmicks and Online Ins

Quantity: 14

CINEMAGIC FLASH is a small old cinema, which is operated manually like the old-fashion cinemas. In this cinema there is…

CINEMAGIC FLASH leprechaun (Gimmicks and

Quantity: 9

TV Magic is a new illusion that combines the magic of Cinemagic Flash and the Super Coin Mechanism. With TV…

Clear Production Flatland (2 Umbrella) b

Quantity: 14

A surprising and magical production of TWO Umbrellas! Unroll a scroll of clear plastic and hold it in front of…

Clonk 3 by Roman Garcia and Martin Ander

Quantity: 1

Reputation maker. FISM and Backpool BESTSELLER. As seen on TV. \"If the best version of Copenetro and Misers Dream had…

Close Up A Ginn by David Ginn eBook DOWN

Quantity: 9999

Close-Up A-Ginn, 30 easy tricks with cards, coins, balls, paper clips, and David's TV version of Card in Pumpkin. Hey,…


Quantity: 73

Gives a special touch to the \"Paddle Move\" thanks to its visual impact, since the viewer literally sees how a…

Clown Silk (45 inches) by Laflin from Ma

Quantity: 11

There is no better way to choose a silk than to choose the one designed by a master magician who…

Coke Pepsi & Mt. Dew by Ickle Pickle Tri

Quantity: 0

Spectator selects a card, then he gives you a card, and the he decides whether he wants to keep the…

Collectors Mini Pom Pom Stick by Alan Wo

Quantity: 0

A personal favorite item of Alan Wong, long sold out and unavailable for years, is now available again in limited…

Color Changing Shoelaces by Premium Magi

Quantity: 27

The magician displays a yellow shoelace. Pulling the shoelace through his hands, it instantly changes to green! The audience suspects…

Color Sticks by Jim Jayes Trick

Quantity: 74

One Stick - Two Stick... Red Stick - Blue Stick...Jim Jayes has finally released his Three Stick Routine COLOR STICKS!…

Colors Rolls by Marcos Cruz Trick

Quantity: 1

Marcos Cruz presents a new idea, COLORS ROLLS, to surprise your spectators on all your social networks. You present a box of…

Comedy Card In Balloon by Quique Marduk

Quantity: 2

There are many versions of this funny trick, all of them with different endings, but this one is the classic,…

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