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Conundrum Issue 1 Book

Quantity: 48

Conundrum - Issue 1a curiosity-filled magazine for the discerning magicianNo ads100 pagesJust MagicConundrum is a Montreal-based independent magazine for magicians…

Genii Magazine "Alana" November 2014 Boo

Quantity: 6

Features Alana: Defining the (Fine) Lines by Dustin Stinett What to Expect at FISM by Cecilia Garrone Tenyo 2015 by…

Genii Magazine "Steve Spill" May 2015 Bo

Quantity: 17

FEATURES Steve Spill: The Truth About My Tricks and Other Lies by Dustin Stinett COLUMNS Genii Speaks…

Genii Magazine "Sugawara" May 2014 Book

Quantity: 36

The largest-selling magazine in magic, Genii, The Conjurors\' Magazine has been magicians\' constant monthly source of information and terrific tricks…

Genii Magazine "The Illusionists 2.0" Ju

Quantity: 32

Feature The Illusionists 2.0 by Luis de Matos Peter Morrison: The Marrakech Magic Man by David Regal The 46th…

Genii Magazine March 2021 Book

Quantity: 7

GENII THE CONJURORS\' MAGAZINE VOLUME 84 NUMBER 3March 2021 FEATURES One Night in Brooklyn by Jamy Ian SwissCOLUMNS Genii Speaks…

Magician Magazine HOUDINI Issue Book

Quantity: 146

Learn. Conjure. Mystify. Welcome to MAGICIAN! \"There\'s a lot to say about the wonderful art of magic, and we hope…

Reel Magic Episode 10 (Mike Caveney) DVD

Quantity: 146

Features: Caught on Tape: Mike Caveney John Lovick talks with Mike about the Long Beach Mystics, old magic books and…

Reel Magic Episode 13 (Daniel Garcia) DV

Quantity: 138

Feature:Daniel GarciaKozmo talks with Daniel at MAGICLive! about Garcia\'s struggles for success Columns:Andrew Pinard - Continuum Part two of Andrew\'s…

Reel Magic Episode 14 (Wayne Dobson & Da

Quantity: 146

Feature: Wayne DobsonWayne Kawamoto talks with Dobson about how multiple sclerosis has affected his approach to magic, changed his career…

Reel Magic Episode 17 (Mark Mason) DVD

Quantity: 146

FeatureMark Mason talks with Kozmo about his childhood and how magic changed his life Reviews David Regal Tricks of the…

Reel Magic Episode 18 (Kostya Kimlat) DV

Quantity: 146

Feature: Kostya Kimlat Continuum Andrew Pinard and continuum returns with Kostya Kimlat! kostya talks about designing magic tricks and asks…

Reel Magic Episode 19 (The Road to Bejin

Quantity: 146

FEATURESCHINAKozmo gives us a behind the scenes look at the performance tour 5 Fism winners took through China.COLUMNSJon Armstrong -…

Reel Magic Episode 20 (The Magic Castle

Quantity: 57

Features: The Magic Castle Milt Larson gives Jon Lovick a tour of the magic castle. Columns: Charles Reynolds , Andrew…

Reel Magic Episode 21 (Shawn Farquhar) D

Quantity: 146

FEATURE:Feature Interview - SHAWN FARQUHAR 2010 FISM winner shawn farquhar talks to wayne kawamoto about working hard and taking risks.…

Reel Magic Episode 22 (Michael Ammar) DV

Quantity: 95

FEATURE:Feature Interview - Michael Ammar Michael Ammar talks to kozmo about \"coming out\" as a magician and performing on Letterman.…

Reel Magic Episode 23 (Eric Decamps) DVD

Quantity: 146

Features: Eric DeCamps talks with Andrew Pinard about creating a modern magic show. Russ Stevens of RSVP magic talks with…

Reel Magic Episode 24 (Paul Gertner) DVD

Quantity: 146

Feature Interview - Paul Gertner:Wayne Kawamoto talks to Paul Gertner about the development of his Steel & Silver routine and…

Reel Magic Episode 25 (Craig Petty & Dav

Quantity: 146

Feature Interview - Dave Penn & Craig Petty:Kozmo talks with David Penn and Craig Petty about their show as well…

Reel Magic Episode 26 (Wayne Houchin) DV

Quantity: 146

Feature Interview - Wayne Houchin:Wayne Houchin tells Kozmo that hanging upside down in a straightjacket can really change your perception…

Reel Magic Episode 27 (Armando Lucero)

Quantity: 146

Feature Interview - Armando Lucero:Armando Lucero talks with John Lovick about the value of secrets and earning knowledge.COLUMNS:Jon Armstrong -…

Reel Magic Episode 28 (Josh Jay)

Quantity: 88

Feature Interview - Josh Jay:Josh Jay talks with Adam Ruben about the creativity, selling magic and working with HBO.Columns:Jon Armstrong…

Reel Magic Episode 29 (Losander)

Quantity: 146

Feature Interview - Losander:Losander talks with Kozmo about his creative influences and the development of the floating table. Columns:NEW! - Bill…

Reel Magic Episode 30 (David Stone)

Quantity: 146

Feature Interview - David Stone:David Stone talks to Kozmo about being influenced by the film \"Rocky\" and doing the impossible.…

Reel Magic Episode 32 (Boris Wild)

Quantity: 146

Jon Armstrong - The Kaufman Sessions, Part 3In part 3 of the Session with card master Richard Kaufman, an Unnatural…

Reel Magic Episode 33 (Dan Sperry) DVD

Quantity: 131

Feature Interview - Dan Sperry:Dan talks with Kozmo about why magic isn\'t cool and his experience on America\'s Got Talent.Columns:Kainoa…

Reel Magic Episode 34 (Apollo Robbins)

Quantity: 146

Feature Interview - Apollo Robbins:Apollo talks with John Lovick about the science connecting magic, pickpocketing and mentalism. Columns: Kainoa Harbottle…

Reel Magic Episode 35 (Jim Steinmeyer)

Quantity: 143

Feature Interview - Jim Steinmeyer:Jim talks with John Lovick about working with Doug Henning and the importance of learning the…

Reel Magic Episode 36 (Chris Capeheart)

Quantity: 146

Chris CapehartChris talks with Kozmo about honing his skills on the street and making a living doing children\'s magic.Columns:Bill Wisch…

Reel Magic Episode 37 (Asi Wind)

Quantity: 25

In this issue:Feature Asi WindJohn Lovick sits down with Asi Wind to talk about art, magic and creating an…

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