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USA Magic Tricks has parlor magic tricks....perform them right in your living room.

Remember USA Magic Tricks offers free shipping on orders of $40.00 or more. You also get 10% back into your account to use on furture orders. 

12 inch Linking Rings SS (8 Rings) by Mr

Quantity: 29

Known as being one of the finest effects in magic, this set of eight Linking Rings wow the audience every…

20th Century Balloon Silk Frame by Mr. M

Quantity: 61

Show a beautiful wooden frame empty inside and is open, front and back. Blow up a balloon (e.g., yellow) and…

20th Century Brassiere Trick

Quantity: 8

The magician displays two red silk handkerchiefs, knots them together at the corners and asks a female spectator to place…

20th Century Comedy Bra by Mr. magic Tri

Quantity: 8

This is a funny magic trick that is suitable for adult audiences. The effect is a bit naughty but not…

20th Century Silk by Mr. Magic Trick

Quantity: 0

Gorgeous rendition of a classic effect! Vanish a silk handkerchief. Then tie two other silk handkerchiefs together. Two participants pull…

20th Century Silks by Uday Trick

Quantity: 29

The magician displays two violet-colored silk handkerchiefs and ties them together at the corners. He then displays a yellow silk…

25 Mouth Coil Glitter Uday set of 10

Quantity: 246

The magician eats a few bits of colored tissue. He then pulls out a 25-foot long chain of colored…

25 Rope Uday (White)

Quantity: 300

Perfect for almost any rope routine, this soft magician\'s rope is available in: White, Green, Yellow, Red and Blue in…


Quantity: 2

The illusionist shows a panel on both sides. He puts it on the floor and a moment later he makes…

3 to 1 Rope Pro by Magie Climax Trick

Quantity: 31

The Professor\'s Nightmare is a classic of magic that lends itself to all types of presentations. You start by showing…

360 Production by Sultan Orazaly video D

Quantity: 9999

Turn 360° and, once you're facing the audience again, you're magically displaying a card, a cigarette, or more! Easy to…

3D Flower Bouquet Blooming Vase by Mr. M

Quantity: 12

Want a powerful visual effect for your parlor or stage show? The Mr. Magic 3D Flower Bouquet Blooming Vase is…

4 inch Crystal Clear Cube by Ickle Pickl

Quantity: 2

Effect A silk handkerchief is removed from the Crystal Clear Magic Cube and the magician makes it vanish. He…

4D BOX (NEST OF BOXES) by Pen Bond Lee &

Quantity: 112

The 4D BOX (Nest of Boxes) is one of the most powerful card to impossible location effects; here is our…

4D BOX PRO by TCC Trick

Quantity: 56

4D Ball Box Pro features a revolutionary triggering method that allows the performer to decide when the balls appear, a…

4X4 by Quique Marduk Trick

Quantity: 26

The illusionist hands an envelope with a prediction to a spectator to hold it until the end of the routine.Next,…

5 Flower Blooming Boquet by Uday Trick

Quantity: 9

Blooming Bouquet-5 Flower Comes With: Bouquet, flowers and instructionsPackaging:Plastic Wrapped A feather bouquet of flowers is displayed to the audience.…

5" Linking Rings SS (7 Rings) by Mr. Mag

Quantity: 64

The Linking Rings are a classic in magic. The magician displays 7 solid rings. One at a time, the rings…

50 Rope Uday (White)

Quantity: 99

Perfect for almost any rope routine, this soft magician\'s rope is available in: White, Green, Yellow, Red and Blue…

52 Vent Acts by Wolfgang Riebe eBook DOW

Quantity: 9999

A 'MUST HAVE' FOR ALL VENTRILOQUISTS! 52 Complete routines suitable for all types of puppets! Even if you are just…

8" Linking Rings SS (7 Rings) by Mr. Mag

Quantity: 20

The Linking Rings are a classic in magic. The magician displays 7 solid rings. One at a time, the rings…

A BAR KADABRA by Quique Marduk Trick

Quantity: 3

Created by Quique Marduk, this effect is great to be performed at close up or parlor, and perfect if you…

A LETTER TO SANTA! by George Iglesias &

Quantity: 12

A LETTER TO SANTA by George Iglesias and Twister MagicAfter six years of releasing with great success \"A Trip to…

A Trip to Cancun by George Iglesias & Tw

Quantity: 20

Make any signed card travel to Cancun in a very sensual way! Inspired by the classic Abbotts\'s Bathing Beauty effect,…

A Trip to The Circus by George Iglesias

Quantity: 10

Inspired by Master Magician Mr. David Copperfield and the classic Abbotts\'s Bathing Beauty effect, originally created by Frederic Culpit from…

A.S.B. Auto Smoke Ball by Magic007 Trick

Quantity: 4

Smoke effect and silk to ball are two very popular visual effect on stage, now we have combined both into…

Acrobatic (Gimmicks and Online Instructi

Quantity: 23

A new idea by Gustavo Raley, enjoy!With Acrobatic not only you will make the Tic Tac box raise alone in…

ACROSS (Gimmicks and Online Instructions

Quantity: 32

Have fun with this Gustavo\'s new effect.You could pierce an Oreo with any kind of object such as a ribbon,…

AdSense (Gimmick & Online Instruction) b

Quantity: 300

Beautifully simple, yet powerful magic doesn\'t happen very often, but itUltimately comes down to creating a powerful fusion between the…

Advanced Bolt and Nut by Uday Jadugar Tr

Quantity: 122

A clever item which challenges all the old principles of removing the ring secured between the nut and a locked…

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