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USA Magic Tricks carries some of the finest Smoke Bombs and Poppers, and of course at the best prices. Need color smoke for your photo shoot or paint ball games...we got them. Sparklers for weddings? Try our Heart Sparklers perfect for any wedding, and don't forget our Wedding Poppers.

Fourth of July fireworks. we have smoke bombs, smoke fountains, smoke grenades, magic black snakes, smoke tanks, patriotic smoke bombs, sparklers...everything to add a little extra bang into your holiday.

Remember USA Magic Tricks offers free shipping on orders of $40.00 or more. You also get 10% back into your account to use on future orders.

50 Bang Party Snaps Snap Pop Pop Snapper

Quantity: 890559173

Bang Snaps Poppers. Have a blast with these Party Favors. They make a loud pop sound when you throw them…

Bang Snaps Poppers

Quantity: 2068321

Have a blast with these Party Favors. They make a loud pop sound when you throw them on the ground…

Birthday Cake Sparklers (Pack of 4)

Quantity: 90780

Emits a shower of sparks. Use on birthday cakes or other celebrations. Comes in a pack of 4. …

Bomb Bags 6 pack

Quantity: 2251549

A fun gag gift for years and years. Squeeze the bag so the two chemicals inside mix then run for…

Booby Traps Pack of 12

Quantity: 87418

These tripwire booby traps are lots of fun. Tie them around and scare your friends. Also know when someone is…

Color Sparklers 8 inch Pack of 6

Quantity: 652991

Color Sparklers 8 inch - Pack of 6. 1 pack of 6 colored sparklers. Each sparkler is 8 inches long.…

Colored Smoke Balls (Box of 72)

Quantity: 285309

A fun set of different color smoke balls.…

Fart Bomb Bag 6 Pack

Quantity: 2231785

Let it rip! Simply squeeze this fart bag and get ready for some rancid odor. Within 3-5 seconds, the bag…

Fireworks Assortment

Quantity: 110947

Each George Washington Safe Fireworks Assortment pack includes: 6 x party poppers, 2 packs of bang snappers and 2 packs…

Giant Colored Smoke Sticks Pack of 5

Quantity: 14326

Long lasting smoke fountains. The assorted colors are: blue, green, yellow, red and white. You get a pack of 5,…

Giant Confetti Cannon Blue

Quantity: 11244

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon - Blue. Our blue gender reveal poppers are easy to use and they shoot biodegradable confetti…

Giant Confetti Cannon Pink

Quantity: 1167

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon - Pink. Our pink gender reveal poppers are easy to use and they shoot biodegradable confetti…

Giant Smoke Grenade Self Lighting White

Quantity: 8788

TONS OF SMOKE Full size WWII pineapple grenade replica (plastic)...NO FUSE TO LIGHT!. Just pull the string and throw. Emits…

Giant Sparklers 18 inch Pack of 8

Quantity: 365351

Light up your party and the imaginations of your guests with gold 18 inch sparklers for birthday parties and more!…

Heart Shaped Sparklers Box of 6

Quantity: 26786

Designed specifically for weddings and romantic celebrations. These heart shaped sparklers can be displayed or handed out as favors to…


Quantity: 6634

 Black pellet firework grows into snake shape when lit. Box of 6 pieces.…

Mammoth Smoke Bomb White

Quantity: 3852830

 These extra large smoke screen bombs last 1 1/2 minutes and produce a tremendous volume of white smoke Outdoor use only…

Party Poppers Box of 72

Quantity: 773

72 party poppers in assorted colors. DISPLAY BOX WITH 6 DOZEN…

Smoke Bomb Grenade Pack of 2

Quantity: 7853

Smoke item in the shape of a grenade. Produces white smoke.…

Smoke Bombs Red White and Blue

Quantity: 406

Pack of 3 smoke fountains that emit red, white and blue smoke. Each smoke fountain only emits one color. Comes…

Sparklers Box of 6

Quantity: 150417

6.5 inch gold sparkler sticks. Lasts about 40 seconds. Price is per box, 6  sparklers in a box.…

Tank Smoke Bombs

Quantity: 990243

Novelty tank with no wheels that emits white smoke. Lasts about 25 seconds. PRICE IS PER TANK.…

Wedding Poppers

Quantity: 99995393

Price is per popper. These wedding confetti poppers are a fun, eco-friendly alternative to traditional rice for your reception departure.…

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