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USA Magic Tricks is the leading supplier of Flash Paper, Flash Pads, Flash Cotton and Dragons Breath. You can get everything you need for smoke & fire magic tricks here at the best prices.

Remember USA Magic Tricks offers free shipping on orders of $40.00 or more. You also get 10% back into your account to use on furture orders. 

4D BOX (NEST OF BOXES) by Pen Bond Lee &

Quantity: 122

The 4D BOX (Nest of Boxes) is one of the most powerful card to impossible location effects; here is our…

50 Ways To Rock A Lighter DVD

Quantity: 300

Ever since the iconic Zippo lighter was introduced back in 1933, its users have applied cool routines to open…

A.S.B. Auto Smoke Ball by Magic007 Trick

Quantity: 8

Smoke effect and silk to ball are two very popular visual effect on stage, now we have combined both into…

An Introduction to Flash Products by Sco

Quantity: 5

The use of a \'Flash product\' is the perfect way to enhance a magic trick. Yet, there is very little…

Ball of Fire by Alan Wong Trick

Quantity: 0

Produce a flash of fire between your hands at any time!This unit contains a retractable flash unit on a durable…

Birthday Surprise by Masuda Magic Trick

Quantity: 0

EFFECT A performer picks up a card from a deck which is facing down. He turns the card and you…

Bullet Refill (50) for Smoke Cloud by Bo

Quantity: 9

Refill bullets for Smoke Cloud, in which a glass fills with smoke. Each package contains 50 bullets.…

Burning Connection 2.0 by Andy Amyx Tric

Quantity: 9

Have you ever wanted to produce a flaming business card from your wallet? The Burning Connection 2.0 wallet will ignite…

Cane Auto Flash by EMS Trick JL Magic

Quantity: 6

A great attachment for your Vanishing Cane. Ignite a Flash and make the cane disappear or change it into a silk,…

Confetti Shooter by Vernet Magic Trick

Quantity: 40

The magician shows his hands clearly empty. He makes a magic gesture, and immediately produces a shower of confetti! You…

Deluxe Electronic Flaming Bible

Quantity: 5

Open the Flaming Bible and a flame of fire bursts from the middle of the open book. The book can…

Dissolving Paper Large

Quantity: 99628

DISSOLVING PAPER looks like normal paper, but disintegrates when put into water. The classic use of this paper that dissolves…

Dragon Parasol BLUE by LY & MS Magic Tri

Quantity: 16

A blue oriental parasol with auto open mechanism, every parasol is beautifully hand made.You can use it to create a…

Dragon Parasol Set RED by LY & MS Magic

Quantity: 4

Parasol from the Orient.A complete set allowing you to do a 2-parasol production.Comes with 2 beautifully made oriental style parasols…

Dragons Breath

Quantity: 83

A.K.A. lycopodium powder. When squirted through an open flame, this fine powder creates a jet of fire. The flame burns…

Dragons Breath in a Squeeze Bottle (2 ou

Quantity: 19

Flaming powder that leaves no residue. This is no longer made and Ickle Pickle happened to have one last 45lb…

DUALITY Lite by Cobra Magic Trick

Quantity: 42

Would you believe that you can embed a free-thought number into a pre-recorded video, while it is playing?YES, with Cobra…

DUALITY PRO by Cobra Magic Trick

Quantity: 34

Would you believe that you can embed a free-thought number (or name, country, etc.) into a pre-recorded video, while it…

Electric Sparkle Additive 1 Oz. Bottle b

Quantity: 94

EffectThis fine product will add a sense of wonder to any fire effect. Sprinkle on Flash Paper, Cotton, String or…

Electronic Flaming Book (Hot Book)

Quantity: 3

Open the Flaming Book and a flame of fire appears from the middle of the open book. The book can be…

EQUALIZER by Joao Miranda Trick

Quantity: 300

Hearing is one of our most important senses.What if we could alter the perception of it?Joi£o Miranda and his team…

Fire Ball Shooting Magic Wand Complete S

Quantity: 65

You receive a high quality metal magic wand...shoots from both ends. Also included is 72 caps and 20 sheets of…

FIRE BOOK (Hot Book)

Quantity: 129

Fire Book is a modern sensational trick in the field of pyrotechnic magic. It goes very well as an opening…

Fire From Hands (one Pair) Trick

Quantity: 40

At performer's command fire appears on his either palm, invisibly jumps from one palm to other palm and then suddenly…

Fire Kit by Martin Braessas Trick

Quantity: 39

Fire Kit is the future version of the famous effect \"Fire from Hands\". Fire kit not only produces a great…

Fire Phone Case (Bigger) by Martin Braes

Quantity: 27

The Fire Phone Case is the Fire Wallet of the 21st Century! If you are looking for a magic effect…

Fire Phone Case (Regular) by Martin Brae

Quantity: 25

The Fire Phone Case is the Fire Wallet of the 21st Century! If you are looking for a magic effect…

Fire Wallet by Premium Magic Trick

Quantity: 17

A wallet mysteriously bursts into flames! When reopened, it appears to be a regular wallet. A stunning effect. Comes complete…

Fireproof Wire Trick

Quantity: 7

\"Fireproof Wire\" from Cigmamagic is a specially manufactured metal wire which can bear extreme heat up to 2000k.So, it could…

Flamano by Cigmamagic Trick

Quantity: 61

Fire is no doubt a true attention getter in magic. The mysterious and romantic touch that comes with it makes…

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