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Quantity: 2

The illusionist shows a panel on both sides. He puts it on the floor and a moment later he makes…

3 Musketeer Playing Cards by Kings Wild

Quantity: 144

King Louis XIII is the weak Monarch over France. He is easily manipulated by his advisors, especially Cardinal Richelieu and…

3 Secrets by Ken Niinuma and Vanishing I

Quantity: 144

Ken Niinuma is not a household name in the west, but he has quietly amassed a very, very impressive arsenal…

3 SHELLS by TCC Trick

Quantity: 68

First off, we will let the video do the talking.Like the legendary Cups and Balls, the 3 Shell Game has…

3CSC by Fraser Parker Book

Quantity: 16

\"One of the coolest pieces of prop-less Mentalism I\'ve seen. It felt so free and easy that I honestly thought…

404 Playing Cards by Vanishing Inc

Quantity: 300

Join the next-gen playing card revolution! \"Error 404 Playing Cards\" are a pixel-perfect deck of cards thriving at the chaotic…

52 Explorations by Andi Gladwin and Jack

Quantity: 157

A secret sequel to one of Vanishing Inc.\'s bestselling books is now available. As a young magician, Vanishing Inc. Cofounder…

52 Lovers Through the Looking Glass by P

Quantity: 0

In the magic world, 52 Lovers, volumes 1 and 2, now enjoy the well-deserved status of modern classic. Sixteen years…

A Taste of Chaos by Loki Kross DVD

Quantity: 38

The TNR Debate Is Over! Two TNRs that range from beginner to expert. Legacy: A Hyper-Visual, 4-Piece, Signed TNR. No…

ACE (Cards and Online Instructions) by R

Quantity: 300

A disturbingly clean 4 card change that happens in the spectator\'s own hands! Effect:2 jokers are cleanly placed int the…

Act Two by Barrie Richardson Book

Quantity: 162

When Barrie Richardson\'s Theater of the Mind was published in 1999, it drew immediate acclaim from mentalists and magicians, professional…

Acting for Magicians by Murphys Manufact

Quantity: 300

EffectOne of the main reasons magicians neglect the \"acting\" part of magic is because magic is such a demanding discipline…

Admira Royal (Limited Edition) Playing C

Quantity: 181

LIMITED EDITION! Will NOT be reprinted!Admira Royal Silver Seal Playing Cards, designed by SixtyFourPlayingCards, is a unique and elegant deck…

AdSense (Gimmick & Online Instruction) b

Quantity: 300

Beautifully simple, yet powerful magic doesn\'t happen very often, but itUltimately comes down to creating a powerful fusion between the…

Agenda Red Premium Edition Playing Cards

Quantity: 102

Making a point without actually expressing what one has in mind or worse, making a different point from what one…

Agility (DVD and Gimmicks) by Rich Gerri

Quantity: 243

Do you enjoy Mentalism effects? How about winning battles? This is for YOU! Agility is a hard-hitting mentalism routine using…

AIRPLANE MODE by George Iglesias & Twist

Quantity: 35

George Iglesias does it again! A great not only trick but, a full powerful routine! Packed with lots of mentalism,…

Alex Elmsley Tahoe Sessions #3 DVD

Quantity: 233

Alex Elmsley is unquestionably one of close-up magic\'s modern masters. You probably know him from the Elmsley Count. He has…

Alexander: The Crystal Seer by Wayne Dob

Quantity: 53

A deck of cards are introduced to the spectator and a business card of Alexander: The Crystal SeerThe performer explains…

ALIVE by Hide & Sergey Koller Trick

Quantity: 27

Animation - one of the strongest thing in magic! What Alive is? 1. A spectator thinks of a random word 2.…

ALIVE STAGE by Hide & Sergey Koller Tric

Quantity: 47

Animation - one of the strongest thing in magic! What Alive Stage is? 1. A spectator thinks of a random…


Quantity: 73

ALPHANUMERIC DECK is a deck designed especially for mentalism magic.This deck will allow you to perform three very powerful mentalism…

Amazing Acrobatic Knot with extra knot B

Quantity: 152

Effect:This incredible routine begins with you holding two separate ropes. One blue rope and one yellow rope. A knot is…

Amazing Shrinking Deck BLUE by John Kenn

Quantity: 15

Bring out a deck of Bicycle cards and remove it from its box. Spread the cards on the table as…


Quantity: 28

If you look at it it is just an ordinary straw. The straw is an inexplicable magic that absorbs milkNote:…

Angry Pussies by Devo vom Schattenreich

Quantity: 6

This \"CLAW-SOME\" deck features kittens with weapons, beautiful fanning abilities, world-class stocks and finishes, \"HISS-TERICAL\" artwork, and an amazing built-in…

Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot

Quantity: 140

The Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot is a mix of Gothic fantasy, romanticism and horror. It\'s exclusively designed by Anne Stokes…

Another World by Rob Zabrecky and Magic

Quantity: 46

\"A wonderful piece of theatrical magic.\"- Derek DelGaudio\"A whole new dimension to an already mind-blowing card trick.\"- John Lovick\"Zabrecky has…

Anthony Blake by Grupokaps Productions D

Quantity: 47

\"Anthony Blake is such a unique and charismatic performer, he was the first one that brought this psychological Derren Brownish…

Aperture Playing Cards by Gliders Cardis

Quantity: 74

The design for the Aperture deck was created from a subtle combination of photography and cardistry. The white lines of…

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