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USA Magic Tricks is proud to carry the Timco Magic line. Products are handmade in the USA. You will not get that smell associated with products made in India. Fabulous quality by a builder that stands behind his products.

Remember USA Magic Tricks offers free shipping on orders of $40.00 or more. You also get 10% back into your account to use on furture orders. 

Airborne Guiness Beer Bottle Magnetic Ve

Quantity: 46

Pour a glass of beer, the glass floats in air while you are pouring. May be done surronded Comes complete, with…

Airborne Wine Bottle by Timco Magic

Quantity: 44

Performer pours wine from a bottle into a wine glass. Performer lets go of the wine glass...which remains floating in…

Appearing Broom Better Quality by Timco

Quantity: 7

Pull this broom from a paper bag or anywhere else. Very visual production. Broom is around five feet in length…

Arm Twister Wood by Timco Magic

Quantity: 40

Arm Twister The perfect One-Man illusion! The Arm Twister works like the very popular Head Twister. The performer puts his…

Astro Cabinet by Timco Magic

Quantity: 33

The Effect: Magician shows a glass and a ball inside a wooden box. The glass and ball are on opposite…

Ball Through Glass by Timco Magic

Quantity: 38

 A tall glass is shown containing a ball. Ball is dumped out of the glass. Glass is inverted over a…

Bead Separation by Timco Magic

Quantity: 46

Amazing, startling, FAST- and incredibly easy to do! You won't be disappointed with this one!   Show two clear glasses, one…

Big Load Chop Mug Black by Timco Magic

Quantity: 13

Large Chop Cup Coffee Mug: 4" tall, Mouth is 3 1/2". Produce a large load from this chop mug. Porcelain.…

Big Load Chop Mug White by Timco Magic

Quantity: 2

Large Chop Cup Coffee Mug: 4 1/2" tall, Mouth is 3 1/4". Produce a large load from this chop mug.…

Bogus Bubble Gum Coils by Timco Magic

Quantity: 123646

The Bubble Gum stretch is a wonderful addition to any kid's show. This effect will make your…

Chair Suspension by Timco Magic

Quantity: 3

This improved version can be performed completely surrounded. The audience sees two chairs with a board laying across the backs.…

Chop Cup Balls Wooden by Timco Magic

Quantity: 13

You receive a set of two hand painted wooden chop cup balls. Balls are 7/8" in diameter. High quality…

Classic Rising Card Deck by Timco Magic

Quantity: 133

The best rising card deck on the market. Silky smooth operation. It's all built into the deck.  Comes complete with special…

Comedy Magic Ketchup by Timco Magic

Quantity: 9

You show a Ketchup bottle, open it and squeeze some ketchup in your hand, in a dove pan or production-box.…

Deluxe Bunny Production Box by Timco Mag

Quantity: 1

Large enough to produce a rabbit. Performer assembles a beautiful box, piece by piece, he opens the lid and produces a…

Deluxe Tak Apart Vanish by Timco Magic

Quantity: 16

One of the Most Deceptive Ways to Vanish Livestock Ever! The Deluxe Tak-A- Part shows up well at a…

Dr Jaks Supersonic by Timco Magic

Quantity: 36

Very Powerful Mentalism - Complete Fooler!! Jumbo Bicycle & Fair FREE Choice 1. Place six jumbo cards into the large stand, faces…

Foam Rock by Timco Magic

Quantity: 891

These highly compressible, sponge rocks  are funny, oversized props that look like they're really heavy, substantive creations of…

Gator Fishin by Timco Magic

Quantity: 48

A mini deck (supplied), is shown and shuffled, a card is selected and returned to the deck. While the spectator…

Gremlin Box by Timco Magic

Quantity: 1

High quality light and heavy chest. Box can be picked up at your command, otherwise it will not budge. All…

Head Twister by Timco Magic

Quantity: 1

Great illusion. Twist your spectators head all up in knots! Quality wooden construction. Double coat of enamel paint and sealant. Our Head…

Jumbo Silk Fountain Plus by Timco Magic

Quantity: 10

Magician makes a production of cascading silks. For a climax a bouquet of spring flowers is produced. Quality set, made…

Jumping Silk by Timco Magic

Quantity: 45

Display a wood tray with three Glasses. Inside one of the glasses is a silk hanky. The hanky jumps from…

Ladder Levitation Floating Child in Air

Quantity: 1

Ladder Levitation Floating Child in Air by Timco Magic (watch video). A board is placed between two ladders. A child or…

Light and Heavy Chest Stage Size by Timc

Quantity: 144

MADE IN THE USA by TIMCO Beautiful natural wood with a semi gloss finish. Unlike other Light and Heavy Chests, our…

Light and Heavy Chest Standard by Timco

Quantity: 142

Classic effect. Child is able to lift box but the big strong man can't. Totally under the performers control. Easy…

Linking Pins Deluxe with Smash Climax by

Quantity: 146

Linking Pins Deluxe with Smash Climax by Timco Magic (watch video). Wow! This is an awesome closeup routine. Best linking pin…

Locked Deck Bicycle by Timco Magic

Quantity: 59

Hand the deck to a spectator and they cut the deck. You then riffle through the cards until they say STOP and…

Magic Block Die Box by Timco Magic

Quantity: 10

Performer shows a wooden solid block, and tosses it in the air. Block is placed into a beautiful wooden cabinet.…

Magic Milk Lamp Floor Model Remote Contr

Quantity: 1

Vanish milk, silk or salt. The lamp flickers and goes out. The vanished item appears in the light bulb of…

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