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Magic Tricks from the beginner to the pro. Add a little magic to your life!

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(HR) 25 Amazing Magic Tricks with a Thum

Quantity: 3

Imagine having the power to vanish nearly any small object, in any situation, whenever you want! That\'s the sort of…

3 Card Monte (Blank) by Royal Magic Tric

Quantity: 10

The magician displays three cards. One is red, and the other two are blue. A spectator is asked to try…

4 D Surprise (T 243) by Tenyo Magic Tric

Quantity: 300

In front of your audience, you assemble two plates and a semi-transparent box. They can clearly see that there is…


Quantity: 36

The ABC Block is one of the most traditional & ancient magic tricks. It presents a great visual effect &…

Anti Gravity Trio Bottle Cap (Cap Only)

Quantity: 300

Includes Anti-Gravity Bottle Cap ONLY. No instructions. Imagine being able to turn an open bottle of soda upside down…

AP Spread Control by Alex Pandrea video

Quantity: 9999

A bold new approach to Marlo's Convincing Control, a classic sleight in card magic. Devised by Alex Pandrea, the AP…

Apprentice Magic Wand 14" 12 PACK by App

Quantity: 300

The Apprentice wand is a High-Quality, well made, and affordable magic wand. Each Wand comes individually wrapped and is well…

Apprentice Magic Wand 14" by Apprentice

Quantity: 300

The Apprentice wand is a High-Quality, well made, and affordable magic wand. Each Wand comes individually wrapped and is well…

ATOM RINGS (Gimmicks and Instructions) b

Quantity: 300

ATOM RINGS is a VISUAL demonstration of SOLID THROUGH SOLID! EFFECT:In this version, You show four separate, solid rings of…

Balancing Bird Vintage Toy

Quantity: 144

Set the bird's beak on any object and it balances. This trick never goes out of style. For all ages!…

Ball and Vase New by Vincenzo Di Fatta T

Quantity: 11

A ball appears and disappears mysteriously from the inside of an attractive vase! The item measures 10cm (3,9 inches).…

Ballerina Hank (T 212) by Tenyo Magic Tr

Quantity: 30

This amazing handkerchief will jump around in your hands and fly through the air, completely under your control. No threads…

Bicycle Nertz Set (Cards and Game)

Quantity: 32

The Bicycle Nertz 8-pack includes 8 distinct, brightly colored Bicycle Rider Back decks, specifically designed to play this exciting and…

Big Magic for Little Hands by Joshua Jay

Quantity: 4

Kids love magic. They love to see it, and they love to do it. Enter Joshua Jay, who started doing…

Blond in Bathtub Royal

Quantity: 3

Blond in Bathtub Royal...…

Card Fanning Magic (Worlds Greatest Magi

Quantity: 9999

In a manipulation act, nothing elicits oohs and ahhs from an appreciative audience more than playing cards displayed in elaborate…

Charisma by Tenyo Magic Trick

Quantity: 300

\"Charisma is an invisible power that enables its possessor to influence other people. Similarly, there are some cards in a…

Cheek to Cheek 2021 by Tenyo Magic Trick

Quantity: 46

Have the spectator select and memorize one card. After the card is returned, shuffle so some cards are facing up…

Chocolate Break by Tenyo Magic Trick

Quantity: 84

Magic with chocolate!? Yes, please! Your eyes will pop when you first hold the enclosed props in your hand.…

Chrome Cups and Balls Large

Quantity: 8

Nice set of professional looking cups and balls. Chrome Plastic. Approximately 3" tall, 3" inner diameter…

Coin Escape Puzzle by Uday Trick

Quantity: 145

A coin is placed into the slot in the plastic disc. Ask someone to remove it. They will wont be…

Coin in The Bottle Magic Trick Folding C

Quantity: 256465

A spectator is handed a regular bottle to examine. Next, a coin is borrowed and magically made to penetrate through…

Color Changing Paddles

Quantity: 14

This is a paddle version of the black and white trick!  The colors jump from one paddle to the other…

Color Changing Shoelaces by Premium Magi

Quantity: 19

The magician displays a yellow shoelace. Pulling the shoelace through his hands, it instantly changes to green! The audience suspects…

Color Changing Silk (T 29) by Tenyo Magi

Quantity: 25

Effect: The magician, by passing his hand up and down the two tied silks, causes them to change color.English instructions…


Quantity: 145591

Coloring Book Magic/Clown. Pictures of Magicians AND Clowns! Turn the pages in this sharp-looking book and all are blank.Turn the…

Cube FIX by Ale Magix Trick

Quantity: 15

After months of study and a lot of work, born CubeFIX By Ale Magix: \"Magic with Rubik\'s Cube\" Designed to…

Cups & Balls by Vincenzo Di Fatta Trick

Quantity: 99

Three pompom balls magically pass through three cups and then magically turn into four balls!…

Deluxe Miracle Board by Zanadu Magic Tri

Quantity: 5

The Deluxe Miracle Board is a clever device that allows you to perform some real miracles. The miracle board was…

Derek McKees Box of Magic Trick

Quantity: 22

Magic Box provides a new and exciting way for anyone to learn the art of magic. Included in each Magic…

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