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Thousands of magic tricks available at USA Magic Tricks. Best prices, free shipping with $40.00 or more order, 10% back in to your account for future orders, best deals in magic. Ships from the USA. Excellent customer service, you can even call us and we speak English.

(Super Version) Double Face Super Triple

Quantity: 2

(Super Version) Double Face Super Triple Coin is a surprisingly perfect coin set.When you have (Super Version) Double Face Super…

$100 bill Silk 36 inch by Magic by Gosh

Quantity: 16

High quality 100% silk with a graphic of the US $100 Dollar Bill.…

1 TO 6 SPOT CARD by Martin Lewis Trick

Quantity: 0

Designed and used by working Pros, the One to Six Spot Card is...Sized for maximum visibility, nine and a half…

1.5 inch PRO Sponge Ball (Red) Bag of 4

Quantity: 54

1.5 inch PRO sponge ball (red) pack of 4 from Magic by Gosh.…

1.5 inch PRO Sponge Ball (Red) Bag of 50

Quantity: 32

1.5\" PRO sponge ball (red), bag of 50.Hand dyed, shade colors may vary.…

10 Exact Cuts (BLUE) Henry Evans

Quantity: 16

A spectator shuffles a deck of cards and another spectator simply names any of the four suits. The magician retrieves…

10 Exact Cuts (RED) Henry Evans

Quantity: 1

A spectator shuffles a deck of cards and another spectator simply names any of the four suits. The magician retrieves…

10 inch Linking Rings (8) by Uday Trick

Quantity: 0

Effect:Eight solid metal rings are loosely dropped from one hand to the other. The rings then magically begin to link…

12 inch Linking Rings SS (8 Rings) by Mr

Quantity: 76

Known as being one of the finest effects in magic, this set of eight Linking Rings wow the audience every…

14 (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by

Quantity: 45

Pepo Capel is the Spanish Card Magic Champion in 2022 and a renowned professional teacher at the Tamariz\'s School.After 14…

18 + (18 Plus) by Bond Lee & Magiclism T

Quantity: 21

18 PLUS is a sensational piece of magic, an extremely strong and funny effect.Imagine your spectator\'s signed card vanishes from…

1984 BOOK TEST (Gimmick and Online Instr

Quantity: 29

FEATURES:Super flashbackMinistry of loveMinistry of truthReverse book testTossed out book1984 is the only book test where your spectators will thank…

2 3/4 inch Pro Sponge Ball (Red) Pack of

Quantity: 11

3\" Regular Sponge Ball (Red) Bag of 4…

2 Inch Mirage Billiard Balls by JL (RED

Quantity: 6

The quality of these billiard balls is getting rave reviews from the magic world. These billiard balls are made from…

2 inch PRO Sponge Ball (Red) Bag of 4 fr

Quantity: 125

2 inch PRO sponge ball (red) pack of 4 from Magic by Gosh.…

2 inch PRO Sponge Ball (Red) Bag of 50 f

Quantity: 42

2\" PRO sponge ball (red), bag of 50.Hand dyed, shade colors may vary.…

2 inch PRO Sponge Ball (Red) Box of 4 fr

Quantity: 87

2\" PRO sponge ball (Red), box of 4.…

20/20 Visions (Gimmicks and Online Instr

Quantity: 23

20/20 Visions is Matthew Wright\'s favorite trick.It is an incredible double prediction effect that easily allows you to predict a…

20th Century Balloon Silk Frame by Mr. M

Quantity: 28

Show a beautiful wooden frame empty inside and is open, front and back. Blow up a balloon (e.g., yellow) and…

20th Century Brassiere Trick

Quantity: 3

The magician displays two red silk handkerchiefs, knots them together at the corners and asks a female spectator to place…

20th Century Comedy Bra by Mr. magic Tri

Quantity: 8

This is a funny magic trick that is suitable for adult audiences. The effect is a bit naughty but not…

20th Century Silk by Mr. Magic Trick

Quantity: 31

Gorgeous rendition of a classic effect! Vanish a silk handkerchief. Then tie two other silk handkerchiefs together. Two participants pull…

20th Century Silks by Uday Trick

Quantity: 30

The magician displays two violet-colored silk handkerchiefs and ties them together at the corners. He then displays a yellow silk…

25 Mouth Coil Glitter Uday set of 10

Quantity: 0

The magician eats a few bits of colored tissue. He then pulls out a 25-foot long chain of colored…

25 Rope Uday (White)

Quantity: 300

Perfect for almost any rope routine, this soft magician\'s rope is available in: White, Green, Yellow, Red and Blue in…

260Q Traditional Assorted Balloons from

Quantity: 29

260Q, 100 count assorted color balloons, from Qualatex.…

2D Dice Prediction by Sorcier Magic Tric

Quantity: 6

Show a black metal plaque with a white line drawn on it. 6 magnetic white discs are attached to it.…

3 Card Monte (Blank) by Royal Magic Tric

Quantity: 11

The magician displays three cards. One is red, and the other two are blue. A spectator is asked to try…

3 Card Monte 2000 by Henry Evans Trick

Quantity: 10

As in the classic three-card monte routine, the magician displays one \"winner card\" along with two others, two eight of…

3 COIN MONTE (Gimmicks and Online Instru

Quantity: 0

If you like Monte effects, then you will love 3 Coin Monte!This incredible packet trick comes with a KICKER ending…

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