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Shop our complete line of magic trick supplies & magic props for sale.

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Z Fold Wallet by TCC

Quantity: 66

Accomplish mental miracles and great magic with this prop! Accurate predictions, amazing card magic, and more can be yours by…

Wooden Magic Wand by Merlins Magic Trick

Quantity: 5

These beautiful hand turned wands are ideal for enhancing any magical performance. They are well balanced and turned from several…

Wooden Egg by Uday Trick

Quantity: 36

Solid wooden eggs for use with all egg tricks such as Egg Bag etc.…

Wooden Egg by Mr. Magic Trick

Quantity: 72

This product is a very useful and versatile tool for any magician, and can be used in a variety of…

Wooden Egg by Bazar de Magia Trick

Quantity: 33

These 2.25-inch tall wooden eggs are perfect for any Egg Bag routine and more. Comes with single white egg.…

Wizard PK Ring DVD DVD

Quantity: 14

Warning: do not put your PK ring in the bottom drawer!There\'s so much it can do...Coin thru can Glass bottle…

Wide Mouth Chop Cup 2.0 by Ickle Pickle

Quantity: 0

Placing the red ball on the table beside the empty aluminum cup, you pick up the red ball in one hand…

Warrior Card Armour (Card Clip) by Kings

Quantity: 7

Half card clip, half battle armour. Five challenging years in the making, the Warrior Card Armour is a custom-designed deck…

Wand by Royal Magic Trick

Quantity: 22261

An essential accoutrement for every magician. This is the traditional magic wand that every budding sorcerer requires. Made of…

Vernet Card Guard Set (6 colors) Trick

Quantity: 38

Protect and Classify all your Gaffed Decks! Now in a Six Bright Color Set:Red, Yellow, Orange, Violet, Blue and Black…

Vernet Card Guard (Blue) Trick

Quantity: 41

Protect and Classify all your Gaffed Decks! Now in six Bright Colors:Red, Yellow, Orange, Violet, Blue and Black 100% ABS…

Vernet Card Guard (Black) by Vernet Tric

Quantity: 35

This is the best protection for your deck!VERNET CARD GUARD is made of …

VANISH Magazine by Paul Romhany (Year 1)

Quantity: 9999

VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE - YEAR ONE - Editions 1- 6 Find out what ALL the TOP INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS are reading.And…

USD3 Universal Switch Device BROWN by Pa

Quantity: 9

Himber wallet meets minimalism. Again.Here is a new version of our existing product USD, the Universal Switch Device 3.0 which…

USD Universal Switch Device by Pablo Ami

Quantity: 10

Himber Wallet meets Minimalism. If you perform Magic or Mentalism, you know that a low-tech, nothing-to-break solution is always…

Universal Pull Vernet

Quantity: 77

Vernet Universal Pull, shows a main difference with other pulls: whereas all the others only allow you to make a…

Uncovered (Secrets For The Serious Magic

Quantity: 10

Uncovered is a compilation of first class practical card magic, including some powerful non-card items, written for the serious magician.…

Ultimate Ambition Improved Red (Gimmicks

Quantity: 204

The Ultimate Ambition Improved is just perfect for the finish to The Ambitious Card. After performing your favorite Ambitious Card…

Ultimate Ambition Improved Blue (Gimmick

Quantity: 230

The Ultimate Ambition Improved is just perfect for the finish to The Ambitious Card. After performing your favorite Ambitious Card…

Thumb Tip XX King Size by Vernet Trick

Quantity: 300

When even an extra large thumb tip just isn\'t big enough, now you can use these extra-extra large plastic tips…

Thumb Tip Medium Vinyl by Vernet Trick

Quantity: 300

25 years ago Vernet made a revolution in the world of magic with the production of the Vernet Thumb Tip.…

Thumb Tip Medium (Soft) by Vernet Trick

Quantity: 96

These soft, medium-sized thumb tips are realistically designed by Vernet for all your magical routines. Inside Diameter of thumb…

Thumb Tip Junior by Vernet

Quantity: 300

Thumb Tip Flame by Vernet Trick

Quantity: 238

This is the ideal accessory for use with candle routines. This tip can be used as a gag or combined…

Thumb Tip Classic by Vernet

Quantity: 141

These thumb tips are realistically designed by Vernet for all your magical routines. You cannot go wrong with the classics. To…

Thumb Tip (Soft) King by Vernet Trick

Quantity: 119

With Vernet Finger Tips you re ready to perform real miracles anywhere and anytime.You can do appearances, vanishes, transformations, gags,…

Thumb Tip (Soft) Junior by Vernet Trick

Quantity: 188

The best choice for teenagers and people with small thumbs! Most realistic - Non shiny - Dull finish With the…

Thumb Tip (Soft) Classic by Vernet Trick

Quantity: 300

This is the classic one, the world famous Vernet Thumb Tip. THE BEST EVER MADE! AN EXACT COPY OF A…

The Vault WATCH by Jaques Le Sueur Mixed

Quantity: 9999

WATCH is a new spin on the old idea of stealing a watch - it's a reliable technique that is…

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