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Alphabet Deck

Quantity: 22

The Alphabet deck supplied is a deck of cards with the letters of the alphabet. All the 26 letters are…

Animal Hunter Magic Trick

Quantity: 393

ANIMAL HUNTER. A multicolor printed disk with 7…

Appearing Magic Wand Stainless Steel

Quantity: 8

Some time ago we introduced the Vanishing and Appearing Canes in stainless steel - giving…

Astro Sphere Floating Ball – Large Met

Quantity: 6

This is one of the finest one man floating ball effects. It enables you to float a gleaming ball very…

Atomic Water Vase – Metal

Quantity: 21

The apparatus for the Metal model consists of a seamless, spun metal bowl measuring approx. 3″ in diameter and 1.5″…

Auto Fanning Deck

Quantity: 5

This is a new and very cleverly gimmicked deck of cards, which appears quite normal in all respects, but will…

Baby Dove Pan by Funtime

Quantity: 21

A miniature version of the dove pan measuring only 4.25 inches in diameter. Most magicians would prefer to use this…

Brass Reel – Standard

Quantity: 12

The Standard Brass Reel is a classic Magician’s gimmick which permits you to perform miracle effects like the Serpentine Silk, Silk Through…

Buddha Paper Mystery

Quantity: 296

This is a classic table trick, Buddha Papers Mystery you should find it useful when performing for only a few…

Bunny Hat Magic Trick

Quantity: 11

The performer tells the story of a magic rabbit who was very sad. Unlike other magic rabbits, he didn’t have…

Card In Balloon (New Model)

Quantity: 3

A card is chosen, noted and signed, and replaced in the pack. A gleaming stand is shown and an inflated…

Change Bag Jumbo With Handle and Book

Quantity: 3

The Change Bag, as the name implies, is a prop used by magicians to change one item to another. It…

Chick Pan Production Cake

Quantity: 12

Magician displays an empty pan . He then mimes the process of adding the finest ingredients for a delectable cake. The…

Ching Ling Coin Box – Deluxe

Quantity: 8

WATCH VIDEO: Ching Ling Coin Box - YouTube This is a very effective penetration of SOLID THROUGH SOLID. The performer displays a…

Circus Matchboxes

Quantity: 19

The Acrobatic Matchbox is an old effect, but this model from Wonder, with specially made plastic matchboxes makes for a…

Clatter Box Metal

Quantity: 4

The Clatter Box is a classic comedy magic prop. A colored silk is removed from a decorated box held by…

Clatter Box Wood

Quantity: 6

The apparatus supplied comprises of the specially made "Clatter Box", and…

Cloth Sleeve Bouquet # 10

Quantity: 11

This is a production bouquet of ten large cloth flowers. Ideally these bouquets are produced from thin air after showing…

Color Changing Cube ft

Quantity: 143

A clear cube with colored spots on six sides is shown. The spots on all sides are visible through the…

Color Changing Knife Set of 2

Quantity: 6

Effect : Performer shows a Pen Knife white on both sides. With a magic flick the knife changes to black. The…

Color Changing Knife Set of 3

Quantity: 10

The performer displays a white penknife, white on both sides. Suddenly, the knife changes to black.  The knife is again displayed…

Color Changing Magic Wand

Quantity: 246

A quick visual color change that adds an extra touch to your magic wand. The magician shows a magic wand that…

Color Changing Pencil

Quantity: 48

The performer displays a small pencil, which he says can write in ‘any color’. After the gag about writing the…

Color Changing Rabbit

Quantity: 2

Color Changing Rabbit.  Performer shows a gray cut out Rabbit under a rectangular…

Color Choice

Quantity: 12

This is a versatile prop. You can use all the props supplied for a neat self contained prediction effect.  You can…

Color It Standard

Quantity: 50

You show the spectators a cardboard frame with a large window in it.  Through the window they see a black…

Color Me A Hat by Funtime Magic

Quantity: 10

Magicians traditionally produce Rabbits from Top Hats, and Rabbits are traditionally white and Top Hats are black, or that is…

Comedy Drop Down Rose

Quantity: 12

This is a comedy prop, like your Breakaway Wands and Breakaway Fans, Drooping Flower and other similar gag props. The…

Comedy Funnel Spun Aluminum

Quantity: 3

A classic comedy prop, where water can be made to flow out at will from an empty funnel. It has…

Crystal Silk Cylinder with Silks And Bal

Quantity: 10

This is a very novel transformation effect, where three different colored silks placed in a clear tube and momentarily covered…

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