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Zoso Change by Doc Docherty video DOWNLO

Quantity: 9999

The Zoso Change is an extremely easy to do visual color change of one card into another and back again.…

Zig Zag Card Trick by Wonder

Quantity: 36

A card is placed inside a frame and the middle is pulled side way!  The card apparently is cut into…

ZIG ZAG (Gimmicks and Instructions) by A

Quantity: 300

ZIG ZAG CARD is a SUPER VISUAL and easy to do magic trick!EFFECT:In this version, You attempt to perform the…

X RAY VISION (Gimmicks and Instructions)

Quantity: 300

X RAY VISION is MIND BLOWING demonstration of X-RAY POWERS!EFFECT:In this version, you show a cube with a different colored…

Wonder Worm Trick

Quantity: 2310

This fuzzy toy worm comes to life in your hands! Amazing lifelike movements! Amazing! Hours of Fun! You can take it everywhere, it\'s…

Wizard Hat

Quantity: 1612

This wizard hat features a bevy of stars and a robust half-moon on a deep blue palette, adorned with a…

Wizard Assistant Hat

Quantity: 140

All-Time Kid-Show Classic! Place the hat on a childs head while the child is assisting you with the magic. When you take…

WILD SHOCK 2022 by Tenyo Magic Trick

Quantity: 99

1. A spectator freely selects a card from the deck.2. When you rub the selection one-by-one against six Jokers, they…

Whoops by Fun Inc. Trick

Quantity: 14

Great fun at home, parties and the office! The most disgusting laff getter! Perfect for the... Bathroom Refrigerator Auto Seat Sidewalk Sprinkle with…

Vortex Magic Presents VCM by Eric Chien

Quantity: 14

Eric Chien\'s last release COIN caused a sensation amongst coin workers around the world. VCM is his latest release which…

Voodoo Prediction by JL Magic Trick

Quantity: 49

Imagine predicting exactly where a spectator will choose to have voodoo pins stuck on a toy figure. That\'s EXACTLY what…


Quantity: 19

This puzzle was designed by MyMagic for all of you. The level of difficulty is 1 star out of 5.MyMagic\'s…

VERTICAL LAB PUZZLE (Difficult) by MyMag

Quantity: 19

This puzzle was designed by MyMagic for all of you. The level of difficulty is 5 star out of 5.MyMagic\'s…

Vanishing Silk by Vincenzo Di Fatta

Quantity: 68

EFFECT: A small silk handkerchief vanishes in the conjurer\'s hands without leaving any trace of it. The opposite effect is also…

Vanishing Pack of Cigarettes

Quantity: 7

Performer shows a pack of cigarettes. Pack is placed into a case and instantly vanishes! Easy to do. …

Vanishing by Himitsu Magic Trick

Quantity: 22

This is the perfect way to disappear cards. No need to describe too much, please watch the trailer video directly.…

Unexpected Upjog by Doc Docherty video D

Quantity: 9999

The Unexpected Upjog is a mechanical method for producing one to several cards from a table spread. It happens instantaneously…

Ultra Gravity Box 2020 by Tenyo Magic Tr

Quantity: 134

The mysterious box your audience can\'t lift! Get ready for laughs of surprise, when your spectator is unable to…

Ultimate Spoon Bend (T 229) by Tenyo Mag

Quantity: 14

Show your audience a solid metal spoon. Focus your psychic energy on it, and watch the spoon bend at your…

Ultimate Shocking Pen (T 214) by Tenyo M

Quantity: 15

This brilliant magic trick enables the magician to stab a pen through a dollar bill, and instantly restore the bill.…

UFO (Gimmicks and Instructions) by Appre

Quantity: 300

UFO is one of the most amazing magic tricks of all time! EFFECT:In this version, You ask an audience member…

Trigger by Valdemar Gestur video DOWNLOA

Quantity: 9999

Trigger is a stunning and surprising effect that looks like trick photography. The solution is impossible to reconstruct, yet seems…

Treasure Box by Di Fatta Trick

Quantity: 13

A magician borrows a spectator\'s object, placing it in the Treasure box. When members of the audience are asked to…

Transpo Cards by Vincenzo Di Fatta Trick

Quantity: 55

A fantastic effect, now supplied with special original Bicycle poker size cards!The magician shows a small wallet that has two…

THE VAULT (Gimmicks and Instructions) by

Quantity: 300

THE VAULT is the classic fun magic trick where you DOUBLE YOUR MONEY!EFFECT:In this improved version of \"nickels to dimes\",…

The Ultimate Puzzle by TCC Trick

Quantity: 18

Inspired by Winston Freer.This effect should last a lifetime or longer.The Ultimate Puzzle - This may be the best version…

THE TIME MACHINE (Gimmicks and Instructi

Quantity: 300

THE TIME MACHINE is a classic fun magic trick reimagined for today\'s audiences! EFFECT:In this version, you show a mysterious…

The Tarbell Course in Magic by Harlan Ta

Quantity: 9999

The first and still best correspondence magic course! Harlan Tarbell's Tarbell System Incorporated. Recommended to nearly every beginner, a tremendously…

THE MUMMY (Gimmicks and Instructions) by

Quantity: 300

THE MUMMY has returned!EFFECT:In this fun version of the effect, you show three different colored Mummies (red, blue and yellow)…

The Magic Sword by Zanadu Magic Trick

Quantity: 300

An amazing pocket illusion!This classic solid-through-solid effect makes for a the perfect pocket trick - insert the sword through the…

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